Frequently Ask Questions


Have a look at list of our most popular frequently asked Questions & Answers:

By “fee-only”, we mean that we never charge a commission for any of the products or services we provide. We also never take any inducements or “soft dollar” arrangements to recommend one investment product or service over another. We hold our clients’ financial well being in the highest regard,  and choose never to participate in activities which may cause undue conflict.

Our fees are structured so that we do better as you do better. By charging a fee based on the level of assets we manage, our incentive is to see your portfolio grow.

We are selective with whom we work. We can not offer our services to everyone, so we have a set criteria for taking on new clients. One of these criteria is the investment amount, but we always look at the whole picture when making an evaluation.

We create diverse investment portfolios that are closely aligned to our clients risk tolerance. To do this we blend active and passive management styles. We also diversify across market capitalization, domestic and international equities, and fixed income

While we act as discretionary investment mangers, we do take our clients preferences and comfort levels into account.

Trusts are an integral part of long term wealth planning, and the task of choosing a trustee can be a difficult one. In order to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, Iconic Wealth Management does not act as a trustee on accounts we manage. We do work with a number of independent trustees and will be happy to help guide you in the selection process.

The 401k rollover process can seem daunting and confusing. Part of our responsibility is to help you gain control over your financial future. Your retirement plan is often a large part of that future. We have years of experience assisting investors with 401k rollovers and are happy to help.

A strategy for your financial success that doesn’t include your current retirement plan is incomplete. We freely offer our clients recommendations for allocations and investment selections for their current retirement plans.

We believe a good financial plan is an important part of any financial strategy. But not everyone needs the same level of detailed planning.

We will make a planning recommendation we feel is appropriate, but most importantly, we will work with whatever gives you the greatest level of comfort.

Every journey starts with a first step. A good first step is to give us a call and set an appointment. Whether we choose to work together or not, we will be sure you are headed in the right direction.